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The Best Diving Locations in Indonesia, Heaven for Divers

Discover Scuba Diving Indonesia

Indonesia is known as a country that has amazing underwater beauty. Many foreign tourists come to Indonesia for diving. Even Indonesia has been named the best diving destination in the world by Dive Magazine.
There are some of the best diving locations in Indonesia that offer beautiful underwater views. As a maritime country and consisting of a number of islands including Pulau Weh Diving Package, Indonesia has advantages in the water sector. One of them is bargaining power for diving tours.

The Best Diving Locations in Indonesia
The waters in various regions in Indonesia offer a variety of underwater beauty. There are many diving spots that you can choose from. Here are some recommendations for top diving locations in Indonesia.


1. Wakatobi
Wakatobi is known for having enchanting beautiful waters. Wakatobi is even called a divers' paradise for snorkeling. There are four islands that you can visit here, namely Tomia, Kaledupa, Wangi-wangi, and Binongko.
The waters in Wakatobi are still natural and clear so they are very pleasing to visitors and divers. There are more than 40 diving spots in Wakatobi. Popular spots are Cornucopia, Coral Garden, House Reef, and Rome. Divers can enjoy a variety of marine biota, ranging from coral reefs and fish species.


2. Derawan
One of the best diving spots in Indonesia is the Derawan Islands. The Derawan diving location is very popular with foreign tourists. This island is in a remote location on the island of Kalimantan.
There are several best diving spots in the Derawan Islands, namely Maratua, Nabucco, Bakungan, and Nunukan. In these waters, divers can enjoy various large and small marine animals. There are 872 species of fish and 507 types of coral reefs in Derawan waters.


3. Pulau Weh
The next best diving location in Indonesia is Pulau Weh. it is an archipelago located in the westernmost part of Indonesia. Pulau Weh is famous as a location that offers stunning natural marine beauty.
Pulau Weh is even called a piece of paradise in western Indonesia. In Weh Island, there are five best diving spots, namely Batee Tokong, Iboih Beach, Arus Balee, and Rubiah Island.


4. Alor Islands
Another best diving location is still in eastern Indonesia, namely the Alor Islands. The Alor Islands are located east of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. These islands offer enchanting sea beauty. There are almost 50 diving spots that can be found here.
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Diving spots in the Alor Islands are spread all the way to Pantar Island with different levels of difficulty. Divers can enjoy the clear waters and views of the various marine biota within.


5. Tulamben Island

Tulamben Island offers a unique diving tour that is different from other spots. Tulamben diving tourism is at Tulamben Beach, Bali. This location offers diving to see the wreck of the US Army Transport Liberty ship.
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Divers at the Tulamben diving spot can enjoy the appearance of historic shipwrecks that sank during World War II. To reach this spot, divers must take a boat 25 meters from the beach. Here, divers can also enjoy various marine life, such as whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and sunfish.


6. Karimun Java
Indonesia's best diving locations can also be found in the waters of Java Island, namely Karimun Jawa. There are 27 islands in the Karimunjawa region. Here there are many diving and snorkeling spots that tourists can enjoy.
Those are some of the best diving locations in Indonesia. Apart from the places mentioned above, there are still many other diving spots to choose from, such as Weh Island, Morotai, Komodo Island, and so on.

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To get to Karimun Jawa, tourists must cross by boat from the beach in Jepara or Tanjung Mas Harbor, Semarang. The waters of Karimun Java offer the natural beauty same as Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour in Sumatra and it is the unspoiled sea and a variety of unique marine biota within it.